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"Cosmic Low Temperature Physics: Making Molecules on Stardust" le 28 juin 2016

Le Séminaire du Professeur invité Gianfranco Vidali de Syracuse University aura lieu le mardi 28/06/2016 à 14h00 au laboratoire MONARIS salle 306 barre 34-44.
"Cosmic Low Temperature Physics: Making Molecules on Stardust"
Over 180 different molecular species have been detected in the Interstellar Medium. Although many of the molecules form in the gas-phase, there are some that are formed on surfaces of dust grains (“stardust”). Among them, there are H2, H2O and some biogenic molecules.
After an introduction about molecules and dust in the Interstellar Medium, I’ll present examples of how laboratory work and theoretical simulations have enabled us to understand how molecules form on stardust and how they influence the chemical evolution of the cosmos.
Furthermore, I will show how specific knowledge acquired in the laboratory is guiding observations of actual processes in space.


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