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" Chemical Biology Tools to Perceive and Perturb Carbohydrates and Carbohydrate Processing Enzymes in Living Systems " on Monday November 20th 2017


David Vocadlo  

Simon Fraser University 


Monday November 20th 2017

Amphi 45B 11h


The carbohydrate structures found in every kingdom of life are emerging as a frontier area of chemical biology. I discuss our efforts to create new chemical biology tools for studying these structures and the enzymes that process them within cells and in animal models. Topics will be selected from the synthesis and deployment of; (i) a new family of fluorescence-quenched substrates that permit quantitative imaging of glycoside hydrolase activities in live cells by high content imaging, (ii) the design, synthesis, and creation of potent and selective inhibitors of carbohydrate processing enzymes active in cells and in vivo, and (iii) new chemical genetic methods to map glycosylation to the genome.


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