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Functional PolyAromatics: a little flexibility in Molecular Recognition and Gold Complexes

Le 11 septembre à 11h00, nous recevrons dans le cadre des séminaires CulturChem le Dr Brigitte Bibal de ISM de l’université de Bordeaux.

Brigitte BIBAL (brigitte.bibal @
Monday September 11th
Auditorium 45B 11h


Our research aims to design modular polyaromatic compounds devoted to catalysis and molecular recognition. In this seminar, we will focuss on 9,10-diphenylanthracene and its unique photochemical and photophysical properties. Its switchable function was highlighted within a molecular cage that binds cations in an adjustable fashion. Its ability for energy transfer was also associated to gold complexes. A fast and controlled photoreduction of Gold(III) catalysts was then demonstrated.


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