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" Redox-active self-assembled cages " Monday December 4th 2017

Marc Sallé (marc.salle @


UMR CNRS 6200, Université d'Angers


 " Redox-active self-assembled cages "

Monday December 4th 2017

Amphi 45B 11h


While molecular cages are often challenging to prepare through covalent chemistry procedures, the metal-driven self-assembly methodology allows a straightforward access to a wide variety of discrete architectures.

The resulting cavities offer promising opportunities for applications in host-guest chemistry. In this context, we have focused our interest in the designing of electron-rich self-assembled discrete cavities. The seminar will be dedicated to this new class of metalla-cages, including recent advances related to their ability to trigger the encapsulation/release process of a guest, through a redox stimulus.


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