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Unité de Formation et de Recherche de Chimie

" Mini-symposium on Silicon Chemistry " on November 10th 2017





Keith Woerpel

New York University, USA


" Silylene Transfer Reactions as New Methods for Stereoselective Synthesis "



Metal-catalyzed silylene transfer reactions have proven to be useful for the conversions of simple organic substrates into synthetically useful products.  For example, silylene transfer to dienes followed by insertions to alkenes results in the stereoselective synthesis of trans-oxasilacycloheptenes. These strained alkenes are among the most reactive alkenes reported, undergoing transformations such as cycloadditions and reactions with electron-deficient alkenes and alkynes. Strained seven- and eight-membered ring alkenes undergo other transformations rapidly, such as additions of carbon–metal and sulfur–hydrogen bonds across the carbon–carbon double bond.





Hiroyuki Isobe

Department of Chemistry, The University of Tokyo, Japan


" Exploring materials chemistry with unbiased macrocycles "



Macrocyclic aromatic molecules are an intriguing class of compounds that both deepen our understanding of molecular world and expand the scope of molecular materials. For this seminar, I should focus on the materials application of unique macrocycles. Starting from silicon-bridged macrocycles, we are currently investigating a series of macrocycles with unbiased electronic characters. For instance, our recent examples of macrocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons cover "single-layer organic light emitting devices", lithium ion batteries and spintronics devices. We enjoy the long reach of the basic structural/physical organic chemistry of macrocycles to different fields of science.


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