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Unité de Formation et de Recherche de Chimie

" Engineering catalytic sites and molecular recognition in designed peptide scaffolds " on Monday Sept 24th 2018

Olga Iranzo

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires de Marseille - UMR CNRS 7313
Aix-Marseille Université

Abstract :

  Peptide-based frameworks constitute very attractive and versatile platforms for the development of novel systems with tailor-made properties and functionalities. They are chiral and have structural and chemical diversity (proteinogenic and non-proteinogenic amino acids), accessible chemical synthesis by well-established solid-phase methodologies and water solubility. In this seminar, different sets of peptidic scaffolds will be presented and their potential applications as catalysts for oxidation reactions and as affinity reagents for bioseparations will be discussed.


Auditorium XXX 11h



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