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Unité de Formation et de Recherche de Chimie

" Functionnalization of layered hydroxides and oxide materials: insertion, grafting, in situ reactions…and microwaves " 22nd of January 2018

Séminaire du Dr Guillaume Rogez

(IPCMS, Université de Strasbourg)

Le 22 janvier 2018

Abstract :

Since the discovery of the outstanding properties of graphene or metal dichalcogenides single layers,[research in the domain of functional nanomaterials based on nanosheets and 2D materials has received ever growing attention. In this respect, the organic-inorganic hybrid material approach seems particularly promising to promote multifunctionality within a lamellar material. In this presentation, I will describe different examples of synthetic strategies developed in the group to functionalize two kinds of layered materials, hydroxides and oxides, and some of the properties of the obtained hybrid compounds.


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