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" Emerging 1D and 2D d10 Coinage Metal Organic Chalcogenolate Coordination Polymers for Optical Technologies " on September 17th 2018

Aude Demessence


Abstract :

Hybrid materials with chalcogenate ligands (ER = SR, SeR, TeR) and d10 coinage metals (M(I) = Cu, Ag and Au) are known for a long time mainly in the domains of biology and pharmaceutics. Indeed, copper-thiolates are present in most of the living organisms as metalloproteins, silver-thiolates are recognized for their anti-bacterial activity and some gold-thiolates, as the Myochrysine, have been used as antiarthritic drugs. Today, the d10 coinage Metal Organic Chalcogenates (MOCs) are gaining a growing relevance in materials science for their semiconductivity and photoluminescence properties.1 Indeed, the photoemission of these compounds is attributed to the presence of d10 coinage metals and their ability to display metallophilic interactions. Neutral MOCs, defined with the formula [M(ER)]n, can form cyclic oligomers and extended coordination polymers with anisotropic 1D or 2D structures. In this presentation, we will show the variety of the chain-like and lamellar structures of these MOCs, associated to a rich palette of photophysical properties (Fig. 1).2 Thus, some compounds exhibit high quantum yield (~70 %) in the solid state and some have an intrinsic triple emission associated with luminescence thermochromism allowing optical temperature sensing. This study will show the great potential of the MOCs as phosphorescent hybrid materials and their great potential in electronic devices, sensors or photocatalysis.




Figure 1 Examples of two MOCs.

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