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Unité de Formation et de Recherche de Chimie

"Synthetic RNA as molecular tools for the structural and functional study of enzymes" Monday November 12th 2018



  The role of RNAs in cellular processesis one of the mostdynamic areas in Biology. In addition to their key functions in proteinsynthesis, new RNA activities are constantly discovered. To study these different biological processes, in particular, the enzymes thatinteractwiththeseRNAs, we have developed synthetic methodologies to obtain stable RNAs, reactive RNAs or peptidyl-conjugates. The use of nucleoside and nucleotides chemistry, solid support synthesis, enzymaticreactions or post-functionalization methods allowed us to obtain a large variety of modified RNAs, whichwillbepresentedhere. These RNA analogswereused for the study of Fem aminoacyltransferases, a tRNA-dependent enzyme thatcatalyze an essential step in peptidoglycans ynthesis of the bacterial wall and for the study of m6A-RNA methyltransferases.


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