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Therapy with CO: where do we stand? November 26th 2018

Carlos C. Romão (ccr @

(Universidade Nova de Lisboa- ITQB NOVA, Portugal) 

Therapy with CO: where do we stand? 


The promise to use CO (carbon monoxide) as a therapeutic principle appeared with the turn of the century following the discovery of CO’s signalling and cytoprotective effects. The ensuing research effort confirmed the therapeutic action of CO. Inhaled CO gas has been tested in many human clinical trials. Different kinds of organometallic and organic prodrugs and a large variety of materials and devices have been successfully tested. However, CO has not yet entered the clinic and the question to ask is: why? The meanders and highlights of this journey will be discussed in an attempt to identify the reasons for this impasse and outline reasonable pathways to overcome it. 

Monday November 26th  

T 54-55 Room 205, 11h 


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