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"Advanced Composite Materials : 1D Fibers, 2D Coatings, and 3D Printing" on May 16th 2019


Kenan Song

(Manufacturing Engineering, Arizona State University)

"Advanced Composite Materials : 1D Fibers, 2D Coatings, and 3D Printing"


Advanced composite materials (AMCs), especially nanoparticle-reinforced polymer composites (NpRPCs), exhibit desirable physical and chemical properties that include low density coupled with directed high stiffness and strength, optimal dimensional stability, superior temperature and chemical resistance, as well as relatively cost-efficient manufacturing. These AMCs have broad applications in robotics, electronics, biomedical, and aerospace industries. Inventing scalable processing techniques and applying currently available approaches to fabricate novel material systems allow for bridging the nanoscale features of fillers to microscale structures and eventual extension to the macroscale composite properties for producing usable systems and devices. Precise control of processing factors including (i) preserving intact nanoparticle geometries, (ii) uniform dispersion of the nanoparticles in polymers, (iii) effective matrix-filler interfacial interactions at molecular level, and (iv) alignment/orientation of the nanoparticle and/or polymer chains all can contribute to the superior properties of the composites. Discussions of such processing-structure relationship especially the molecule-nanoparticle interfacial interactions and surface functions of nanocomposites will be the focus of this talk. In particular, both thermoplastic and thermoset polymers have been used for scalable fabrication of composite fibers and coatings. Also, detailed exploration regarding the manufactured microstructure using experimental and simulation methods is conducted to fundamentally understand the microstructure-property relationship in these polymer-based composite systems. These fundamental results will also be discussed as they pertain to improving composite manufacturing and performances.


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