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"How to control Aromatic Oligoamide Foldamers" Monday February 11th 2019

Victor Maurizot

(University of Bordeaux) 

victor.maurizot @ 

"How to control Aromatic OligoamideFoldamers"  


Functions and properties of molecules are intimately related to their shape. This is particularly true in Nature where biomolecules functions only arise from the folding of linear oligomeric peptides or nucleotides into 3-D architectures. With the objective of mimicking functional natural biomolecules, chemists have developed synthetic oligomeric molecules named as “foldamers” that are designed to fold into compact architectures. Over the last decades our group has focused its attention toward the construction of Aromatic OligoamideFoldamers and has tried to control not only their shapes by producing helices and sheets but also their self-assembly.  



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