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Unité de Formation et de Recherche de Chimie

"Pharmaceutical phase behaviour" April 11th 2019



"Pharmaceutical phase behaviour"

Jeudi 11 Avril à 15h30

salle 101, Département de Chimie, Tour 32-42, 1er étage


Phase equilibria are considered a thing of the past since "Phase Theory" has been published by J.W. Gibbs 150 years ago. However, the richness in possibilities to control pharmaceutical formulations and on the other hand the delicate task of ensuring the stability of such formulations require a profound understanding of the phase behaviour of molecular compounds and of their interactions.

The presentation will highlight the importance of the solid state in close relationship to the liquid state in pharmaceutical applications. Examples will involve polymorphism, co-crystals, solubility, eutectics, miscibility gaps and racemic systems and their resolution.


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