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Unité de Formation et de Recherche de Chimie

" Stereoselective oxidation catalysis induced by confined spaces " on Friday April 5th 2019


Pedro D. Vaz

(Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal)

Friday, April 5th 11h am
Salle de l’UFR 32-42.101
"Stereoselective oxidation catalysis induced by confined spaces

Abstract :

This lecture will show how stereoselectivity in oxidation catalysis can be improved using tailored confined spaces. This can be achieved by engineering porous heterogeneous catalysts or by preparing adequate colloidal clay-based catalysts. While the former present chiral confined spaces that imposed specific ways for reactants to approach the active sites, nanosheets bound to the active sites by chiral ligands form the latter. In this case, the confined space formed will, by the same token, modulate how reactants approach the active sites. In both cases, there is an observed increase in stereoselectivity.


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