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"Supramolecular polymerizations – chirality as a muse on Monday April 15th 2019


(Eindhoven University of Technology) 


Supramolecularpolymerizations – chirality as a muse 


Abstract :

Although the wordpolymerwasalreadycoined by Jöns Jakob Berzelius in 1833, itwasthrough the pioneeringwork of Hermann Staudinger in 1920, thatitwasrecognizedthat the macroscopicproperties of polymersboth in solution and solid state are the result of the macromolecular nature of the molecules. The impressive progress in supramolecularchemistry, however, paved the way to design polymers and polymericmaterialsthatlack the macromolecular structure. Instead, highlydirectionalsecondary interactions are used to assemble the manyrepeatingunitsintoapolymerarray. By adequate design, thesesystemsshouldstill have all of thosematerialpropertiesthatmakepolymerssovaluable and on top of thatwemayexpectsomeunprecedentedbehavior – like self-healing - as a result of the reversibility of the supramolecular design. Multiple hydrogenbondingunitswillbeshown to behighly attractive to producesupramolecularpolymerswith unique properties. Like covalent polymers, or macromolecules, the supramolecularcounterparts are prepared by differentmechanisms. Especiallyorderedarrays of monomers are highlyinteresting due to the cooperative nature of theirsupramolecularpolymerizationprocesses. Thesesupramolecularpolymerswillbeused to createartificialextracellular matrices, hydrogels and super-selectivity in molecular recognition. In the lecture, the concept of supramolecularpolymerswillbeillustratedwith a detailedanalysis of the pathways in these non-covalent polymerizations and how thesesupramolecularpolymers are used. 








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