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"Synthesis and Characterizations of New Nanocomposites Materials based on Metal Atoms Clusters for Biomedical, Optical, Energy and Environmental Applications" on Monday June 24th 2019

Fabien GRASSET (fabien.grasse @




Synthesis and Characterizations of New NanocompositesMaterialsbased on MetalAtoms Clusters for Biomedical, Optical, Energy and Environmental Applications

Abstract :

Composite nanoarchitectures represent a class of nanostructure dentities tha tintegrate various dissimilar nanoscale building blocks including clusters, particles, wires and films. The heterogeneous composite nanostructured materials are composed by definition of multi-(nano)components, eachtailored to address different requirements. As one of the nanocomponents, nanometersized transition metal clusters (<2 nm), whichconsist of lessthan a few dozens of metalatoms, could be defined as a link between atom and nanoparticle. Multifunctional properties could be achieved by a combination of several materials in a best-defined architecture. During the last decade, we developed a simple, versatile, highly reproducible and efficient methods based on solution based chemistry and sol-gel processes to prepare large amount of multifunctional nanocomposites (particles, colloids and films). In this presentation, we will focus on our latest results on nanocomposites, nanoparticles and thin films, involving mostly Mo6, Nb6 or Ta6 atom cluster units, γ-Fe2O3, SiO2 or ZnO for biomedical, optical, energy and environmental applications. 





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