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"Reaxys, a searching database that helps you daily in your research and lab work ! " January 6th 2020

Nadège KREBS

Reaxys, Elsevier Lifesciences


January 6th 2020


Every scientist needs to optimize his/her time. Finding relevant references in the literature, sorting out the results, getting answers to precise questionsin an ergonomic way, while being complete and exhaustive, is an everyday-challenge. Reaxys is a search and excerption database in chemistry (organic, inorganic, materials, medicinal etc). Physico-chemical properties, spectra, reactions and preparations, actions on biological targets, synthesis routes (exact or by similarity, but not predictive) are excerpted and indexed manually to be presented in a ‘digestible’ way in a simple and efficient interface. Many universities (Strasbourg, Marseille, Rennes, Nice, Amiens,..) though already using SciFinder, were curious and tested Reaxys in 2019 and found functionalities that made their searches easier in their daily research work. A free month of access is offered in 2019 if you also want to test Reaxys on your own projects. You’ll know more by the end of the presentation !


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