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Unité de Formation et de Recherche de Chimie

Yuki TAKEUCHI, étudiant japonais de l'Université d'Okayama en chimie à Sorbonne Université

               Yuki Takeuchi

               en présence du Professeur Emmanuel Maisonhaute


I come from the group of Professor Nobuyuki Takeyasu at Okayama University in Japan to Sorbonne Universite to perform research at Laboratoire Interfaces et Systèmes Electrochimiques for 3 months with Pr. Emmanuel Maisonhaute. In my opinion, we should discuss with not only Japanese but also all researchers in the world, so I applied to the exchange program between our universities. I am grateful to the SU Master of Chemistry to grant me for my accommodation in Paris.

At LISE, we usually talk English because many people come from abroad. It was not easy to get used to this environment, where I cannot speak Japanese, but in order to learn English, I think this is very efficient. Professors and students were very kind and friendly with me and they welcomed me as a member of laboratory in spite of my low-level English skill. We often went to the pub, where we talked about various things.

I am studying photonics at Okayama university. In Paris, I am studying electrochemistry and I am trying to couple it with Raman spectroscopy. So far, I had learned only simple electrochemistry but through my internship, I consider now electrochemistry as an interesting facet of science. This experience should also give me some ideas to solve the problems of my research topic in Japan. Furthermore, I am participating regularly to group meetings (once a week), where I am also presenting my results.

I could experience not only lab training but also visit many interesting places since SU is inside of Paris. I strongly recommend this program to people who want to be researcher or see the world from the facet of research.



Okayama university

Natural science and technology

Master 1st




私は日本の岡山大学から約三か月間、Sorbonne UniversityのLISEにて研究をしました。将来、私は研究職に就きたいと考えており、研究をしていくためには世界の人々と議論をしていく必要があると常日頃から感じていたため、今回のラボトレーニングに応募いたしました。



また、Sorbonne Universityはパリの中にあるということで、日本にはないものを研究以外にもたくさん経験することができました。将来、研究者になろうと思っている学生や、世界を研究の側面から見てみたいと考えている人には強くお勧めします。


自然科学研究科 分子科学専攻

修士一年 竹内 祐貴


Etudiant en Master de chimie à l'Université d'Okayama (Japon)
et actuellement au LISE (Laboratoire Interfaces et Systèmes Electrochimiques)
sous la Direction du Professeur Emmanuel Maisonhaute

Yuki in front of his electrochemical Tip-SERS experiment



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