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UFR 926



" The UFR of Chemistry ( Training and Research Unit No. 926), as the Chemistry department of the Faculty of Sciences within the Sorbonne Université , is one of the most important centers of expertise in France in the field of chemistry.
It currently has 14 research laboratories, representing about 250 permanent teachers, 110 non-permanent professors, 150 full-time researchers and more than 250 technicians and administrative staff.

The 14 laboratories belonging to the chemistry department are structured in 4 federations centered on molecular chemistry, materials chemistry, physical and theoretical chemistry, analytical and biological physicochemistry.

All The laboratories are involved in one of the two LabEx : MATISSE (acronym for Materials, Interface, Surface and Environment), or MiChem (acronym for Multi-scale Integrative Chemistry). MATISSE is a multidisciplinary project on the frontiers of chemistry, physics and earth sciences while MiChem is more focused on chemistry and aims to integrate the skills of physical chemistry, molecular chemistry and theoretical chemistry .

The "Annual Chemistry Day" takes place every year, allowing UFR members and students to meet and obtain information in the field of science.

The members of the UFR of Chemistry are involved in all levels of L1 university (first year of bachelor Degree) training to doctorate in general or more specialized training. By its size, the UFR of Chemistry allows the departments of License (BA) and Master to cover almost all disciplinary fields involving chemistry. Doctoral training takes place mainly in 3 doctoral schools: physical and analytical chemistry, materials sciences and molecular chemistry.

I hope you will take the time to explore our website to find out everything we have to offer and invite you to visit the UFR's News pages which, I hope, will demonstrate the dynamism of our discipline

Serge Thorimbert








Christine MENAGER

     President of the Scientific Council 






  • IPCM - Institut Parisien de Chimie moléculaire
  • LRS - Surface Reactivity Laboratory
  • LCMCP - Laboratory of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Paris
  • LAMS - Laboratory of Molecular and Structural Archeology
  • Faculty laboratories
  • LCPMR - Laboratory of Physical Chemistry - Matter and Radiation
  • MONARIS - From molecules to nano-objects: responsiveness, interactions and spectroscopy
  • LISE - Interfaces and Electrochemical Systems Laboratory
  •  P.A.S.T.E.U.R. - Selective Activation Process by Uni-Electronic or Radiative Energy Transfer Laboratory
  • LCSE - Solid state chemistry-Energy -


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Serge Thorimbert




Deputy Director


Laurent Gaillon



Administrative manager

Valérie TEISSEYRE (valerie.teisseyre @ upmc.fr)

01 44 27 29 98




Alain FRIGARA (alain.frigara @ upmc.fr)

     01 44 27 47 70

      UPMC - UFR 926

Tour 32-42, 1er étage, pièce  106

4, Place Jussieu

75252 Paris Cedex 05