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Training and Research Unit of Chemistry

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The laboratories of excellence



MATISSE, a multidisciplinary project at the frontiers of chemistry, physics and earth sciences

consists of  a research consortium which studies both natural and synthetic materials around major socio-economic issues related to the environment (eco-friendly materials, green catalysis, pollution control, natural resource management, biodegradation ... ). 






Christine MENAGER

     President of the Scientific Council 




" The Training and Research Unit of chemistry (UFR 926) is one of the few comprehensive chemistry department covering all fields of the chemical sciences from engineering to heritage with a strong focus in material sciences, molecular chemistry and physical chemistry.
  It offers exceptional opportunities for learning and conducting research in a totally renovated department featuring state-to-the-art facilities "   


Former President of the Scientific Council 



AF (alain.frigara @ upmc.fr) - 07/10/19

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