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Training and Research Unit of Chemistry


International cooperation and exchange


Experience abroad provides personal and professional fulfillment, which is becoming more and more essential in today's world and economy. The chemistry master's encourages and helps tthe students to enable them to carry on part their studies in another country. This is possible thanks to many partner universities on all continents.

To get more information about exchange programmes and partner universities, see page "Etudier à l'étranger".

Every student planning to go abroad and wishing to validate his time abroad as part of his UPMC degree must contact the masters'head before leaving.


Joint Curriculum for Excellence in Molecular Chemistry

Transatlantic student exchange program between 5 top Canadian and European universities.

It is offered in partnership with University de Montréal and the University of Ottawa, Canada


TACECHEM Transatlantic Curriculum for Excellence in  Chemistry

Transatlantic student exchange program between 6 top Canadian, USA, Japanese and European universities.

It is offered in partnership with University de Montréal (Canada),  University of Ottawa (Canada), University of British Columbia (Canada); University of Florida ( USA) and Okayama University ( Japan).

The TACECHEM  program covers all aspects of  chemistry : Molecular, Material, Analytical, Theoretical, Physical and engineering. It offers one semester abroad in year 1to SU students and the choice for all Master 1 or 2 for USA, Canadian or Japanese students  with lectures and a laboratory placement if required.

Contact :

 Anne-Lise POQUET (anne.dhimane @ sorbonne-universite.fr)




The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program is a consortium of member universities from the European Union, Canada and the United States.Academic advisors of science faculties work in close cooperation with their study abroad offices. TASSEP ensures that students are properly orientated and advised about courses selection and eases the problems of receiving credit for courses taken abroad. The goal is to permit students to take most of their Bachelor or Master level courses abroad with respect of their study schedules of their home university.

As an exchange program, TASSEP provides the most affordable means for students to study abroad. Students simply pay tuition in their home institution and can join the foreign university with no additional costs. They are enrolled in the host institution with a student card and all the advantages linked to its possession. Transatlantic transportation and all living and lodging costs are borne by the students, however the host institution provides all the contacts to find a student lodging.

Contact :

Anne-Lise Poquet  (anne.dhimane @ sorbonne-universite.fr)



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